It is our top priority at BDK Drahtzieh- und Kunststoffaufbereitungs GmbH to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

The operational processes are transparent, the customer can monitor the order status at any time.
Our goal is to permanently bind our customers to our company through high quality and punctuality.
We also demand the highest quality from our suppliers and absolute compliance with the agreed technical delivery conditions.

Our products are inspected throughout the production process to ensure quality manufacturing. The customer’s property is marked accordingly and is carefully stored so that ownership is clearly recognisable.

Measuring and testing equipment is calibrated at given, regular intervals and marked accordingly.
The calibration status is clearly recognizable. For the fulfillment of contractually agreed customer requirements, for planning, implementation and monitoring of all quality, energy and environmentally relevant activities, we are developing a management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, DIN EN ISO 5001: 2011.

The quality, energy and environmental policy issued by the company management is a binding guideline for all our employees to act in a quality and environmentally conscious, customer-oriented and responsible manner.